How to cut insulation board

Posted 23 Feb 2022

Insulation boards typically consist of foam beads compressed into rectangular panels. They can be used to insulate walls, roofs and are great for scribing up against oak beams. Although quite bulky, this lightweight material is simple and easy to cut with an insulation blade.

What is an insulation blade?

SMART have developed the Insulation Buster Blade, a new innovation from SMART that features a custom made 100mm blade with a 15-31mm width. The insulation blade isn’t just designed for cutting insulation boards, it’s also great for foam, floor coverings, lino, cork tiles and silicone sealant and other soft materials. This blade is perfect for tradesmen who work with insulation or soft materials.

Insulation Buster

How do I use an insulation blade?

1. Measure and mark

To help you achieve a more precise cut, lay the insulation board on a flat surface to measure and mark your cut. Remember it’s always best for your markings to be a couple of inches larger than smaller because you can always cut more off.

2. Secure the board

Secure both sides of the insulation board to your work surface with rubber clamps to prevent the board from sliding whilst you cut.

3. Cut your mark

Attach the insulation blade to your multi-tool and run the blade through your mark.

Find your local SMART stockist today to grab yours.

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