How to salvage old pallets using a multitool

Posted 19 Oct 2022

Repurposing wooden pallets are not only a creative way of helping the environment, but it will also save money. Nobody wants to rely on the price of timber so deconstructing a spare pallet or two could make or supplement a project. Standard pallets are 40’’ long, with each board individually being 3½’’ x 5/16’’. There is a multitude of uses for spare boards of this size. Including, but not limited to, making containers, interior designing, or they can even just be used as a compost bin. The challenge then becomes how to effectively break up pallets and salvage the wooden boards for other uses.

The first solution that may come to mind for many would be a simple crowbar. Prizing up the wood and nails manually may well do the job. However, this route may risk splintering the wood as well as damaging the boards and the nails will have to be removed. It can be both tricky and there is a risk of injury. A more reliable method that requires a fraction of the effort is the SMART 44mm Bi-Metal Blade attachment.


What is the SMART 44mm Bi-Metal Blade?

The SMART 44mm Bi-Metal Blade is the ideal tool for this job. It has  a 46mm cutting depth which makes it perfect for getting deep between the pallet boards. The durable bi-metal toothing is expertly engineered to cut through wood, nails, non-ferrous metals, and more with precision. This versatility makes it a great choice for this task. The SMART 44mm Bi-Metal Blade is available for both Universal and Starlock fitment multi-tools in packs of one, three or ten. It is also available as a 32mm deep cut variant which has a cutting depth of 58mm.

How to cut loose the boards from the pallet

1. Determine the positioning of the nails

2. Attach the 44mm Bi-Metal Blade attachment

Snap either your universal or Starlock attachment to your multi-tool.

3. Ease the blade between the wooden boards and cut straight into the nails.

Focus on one board at a time for the best results.

4. Watch your new lumber pile stack up.

Reminder – Always wear the correct PPE when operating a multi-tool.

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