Clearing leftover grout and adhesive using a multi-tool

Posted 9 Nov 2022

When renovating bathrooms, refitting kitchens, or just cleaning up old and broken tiles, there are many hurdles that can arise. Tearing back tiles during a renovation is rarely a clean job. Old tiles will leave adhesives as well as rough plaster and old grout. Before proceeding with any kind of renovation, the wall will have to be cleaned up and smoothed out.
When it comes to removing this old waste material, it’s true that a standard scraper will get the job done. However, some areas might be particularly difficult to remove and when cleaning up an entire wall, the process becomes extremely time-consuming. So, why tackle the arduous task of manually scraping when SMART has a great alternative? Using the 62mm Extreme Diamond Blade will get the job done in a fraction of the time.

What is the Extreme Diamond Blade?

The SMART Trade Series 62mm Extreme Diamond Blade is an expertly designed multi-tool attachment perfect for removing grout, mortar, plaster and more. The combination of the blade’s wavey tooth design with the outer coating of diamond dust demolishes awkward materials. It removes the stress from what can be a tedious process. The design allows the blade to slide itself in behind any grout and excess plaster, peeling it up straight from the wall.

As part of the SMART Trade Series, the Extreme Diamond Blade is equipped with a universal open-back fitment. The blade has an ultimate blade length of 58mm and is a simple solution to cleaning up even the trickiest of construction surfaces.



How do I remove grout and adhesive with the Extreme Diamond Blade?

1. Remove the tile.

For simple tile removal, first, remove the grout from around the edges.

2. Attach the 62mm Extreme Diamond Blade

Snap-on the attachment to any universal fitment multi-tool

3. Grind away the adhesive and excess grout

Keep the multi-tool as close to the wall as possible. With the blade flat to the wall,

Additional tips: The SMART Carbide Segment Blade makes for a great attachment for grout removal. Learn more about grout removal.

Reminder – Always wear the correct PPE when operating a multi-tool.

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Clearing leftover grout and adhesive using a multi-tool

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