Achieving a perfect joint with a multi-tool

Posted 16 Nov 2022

Cross grain wood pellets can provide a seamless finish to a project, concealing screws, bolts, and other fixings. The tapered shape of the pellet allows it to slot in the above fixings of all different shapes and sizes. This will help achieve a smooth, consistent joint once the pellet has been trimmed and sanded down. The use of a cross grain pellet to plug gaps before sanding it to be smooth is a traditional method known to most joiners. It is a quick and easy solution. Pellets can be acquired in pine, oak, walnut, and more, simply select the pellet which suits the wood used in the project.

What are the recommendations?

A multi-tool is a great option to have on hand for a job like this. With just two attachments, achieving the perfect finish is made easy. SMART recommends the SMART 63mm Rapid Wood Blade as the best attachment for trimming down the pellet. Then, the SMART Complete Sanding Kit can smooth off the pellet and achieve the ideal look.

The SMART Professional Series 63mm Rapid Wood Blade is an attachment specifically designed for extremely fast and precise cuts in wood, hardwood, and plastic. The ‘rapid wood’ toothing provides cutting speeds up to two times faster than conventional blades, so trimming down a pellet can be done with ease. SMART Rapid Wood Blades can be purchased as either a 32mm blade or the 63mm and can be purchased in single, triple, or ten packs.

Meanwhile, the SMART Professional Series Complete Sanding Kit is a set designed to enable detailed sanding on practically any surface. The sanding sheets are reusable and easy to fit or remove from the 93mm backing pad with hook and loop backing. The kit includes ten each of the 60, 80, and 120-grit sanding sheets plus a single backing pad.

This combination will help achieve a perfect finish. Both the SMART Rapid Wood Blade and Sanding Kits are also available in the TRADE Series. Therefore, they can be purchased with either a Starlock or Universal Open-back fitment.

How to achieve a flush finish when joining with a multi-tool.

IMPORTANT: Always use the correct PPE when operating a multi-tool.

1. Push the plug into the hole above the fixing and tap gently with a hammer until the plug is firmly in place.

Take care to align the grain of the plug with the grain of the wood for a better end result.

2. Attach the SMART Rapid Wood Blade

3. Trim off the excess material of the plug which juts out from the joint.

Keep the blade steady and flat as you cut to prevent accidental damage to the wood surface.

4. Remove the SMART Rapid Wood Blade and use the SMART Sanding attachment.

The SMART Sanding Kit backing pad is compatible with dust extractors. A high grit sanding pad will result in a smoother finish and is less likely to damage the surface.

5. Brush away any excess


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