Making a square peg fit into a round hole

Posted 7 Dec 2022

Even a skilled carpenter can occasionally hit a bump in the road when in the thick of things during a project. Curveballs can hit in many different ways, sometimes, something classic like fitting a square peg in a round hole may become an unlikely holdup in a project. For example, when installing a staircase, a sizable task with many considerations, the shape of a hole may go unnoticed for the most part.

Instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, wouldn’t it be simpler to fit a square peg into a freshly measured and cut square hole? SMART has the perfect solution. The SMART Rapid Wood Blade is the ideal size to plunge cut and carve out a template. This template can then be used to cut out a  turn a round hole into a square one.

What is the SMART Professional Series 32mm Rapid Wood Blade?

SMART rapid wood blades are specifically designed for extremely fast and precise cuts in wood, hardwood, and plastic. The ‘rapid wood’ toothing provides cutting speeds up to two times faster than conventional blades, making it ideal for quick detailed plunge cutting and trimming.

The Rapid Wood Blade Range is available in a 63mm variant for wider cuts. Both can be found in single, trio, or ten packs. Plus, a deep-cut 32mm variant can be purchased which is perfect for deeper plunge cuts.

Being available as both part of the SMART Professional and Trade Series of multi-tool blades, the 32mm Rapid Wood Blade is available with either a Starlock or Universal Open-Back fitment.

How to fit a square peg into a round hole using a multi-tool.

REMINDER: Always use the appropriate PPE when operating a multi-tool.

1. Measure and mark out the optimal hole size to convert the circular hole into an angular one.

2. Attach the SMART Rapid Wood Blade to your multi-tool.

3. Follow your markings and plunge cut through the timber.

Test the template now to ensure accurate cutting later on.

4. Align the template and center the cut around the hole.

5. Gently follow the template around with the multi-tool, plunge cutting into the wood around the circular hole.

Chisel free any wood which remains in the hole.

6. Plug the hole with your square peg.

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Making a square peg fit into a round hole

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