Easing a sticky wooden door using a multi-tool

Posted 14 Dec 2022

Few things are more infuriating in than a door that is stiff and a real challenge to open. Reasons for this may vary. It might be that a door has been measured incorrectly and needs realigning or, perhaps, the hinges may need maintenance. A simple tightening of the screws may do the trick, but in some situations, more drastic action may be needed.

The market is filled with tools and techniques for solving this problem, from a conventional saw, low grit sander to a police battering ram.  However, the SMART Rapid Wood Blade provides a unique and innovative way to solve this problem. It is a simple and effective multi-tool attachment that can trim wood with ease.

What is the SMART Rapid Wood Blade?

The ‘rapid wood’ toothing provides cutting speeds up to two times faster than conventional blades. Expertly designed, the blade’s teeth can bite through wood, hardwood and plastic. The 63mm cutting is perfect for wide cutting which makes it great for trimming down the entire length of a door.

The SMART Professional Series Rapid Wood attachment has a Starlock Multi-Tool fitment. The 63mm Rapid Wood Blade is also available with a universal open-back fitment, as part of the SMART Trade Series. Variants also include a slimmer 32mm version and all are available in individual, three or ten packs respectively.


How to fix a sticky door using a multi-tool

IMPORTANT: Always wear the appropriate PPE when operating a multi-tool

1. Carefully plan the amount of material that needs to be trimmed from the door.

2. Attach the SMART Rapid Wood Blade attachment to your multi-tool.

3. Trim carefully along the door

Take full advantage of the 63mm blades width when cutting

4. Clean up the freshly cut surface.

Sand it and smooth the length of it so it can be coated.

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Easing a sticky wooden door using a multi-tool

Few things are more infuriating in than a door that is stiff and a real challenge to open.....


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