Universal 70mm Dry Wall Blade

Universal 70mm Dry Wall Blade
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The Trade Series 70mm drywall blade is designed specifically for plunge cuts and chasing out in all types and thicknesses of drywall.

  • 70mm wide drywall blade.
  • Suitable for drywall.
  • Quickly and easily plunge cut and chase out in drywall with a multi-tool.
  • Includes a single blade.
  • Universal Open-back (not Starlock)
Packet size Product Code
1 Piece H70DWB1
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A Trade Series drywall blade specifically designed for use in drywall, providing a highly effective cut in many different scenarios. The coarse teeth enable fast, precise and clean plunge cutting, trimming and chasing whilst the unique sideward facing teeth add extra versatility and cutting angles for detailed or difficult cuts.

The Trade Series contains a huge range of high-quality multi-tool blades and accessories designed to equip trade users with an accessory for any and all requirements. Extend the capability of your multi-tool with the wide range of cutting, scraping, sanding and grinding accessories in the Trade Series.

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