Universal 63mm Extreme Long-Life Bi-metal Blade

SMART Titanium Series 63mm Extreme Long-Life Bi-metal Blade
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The 63mm Titanium Series multi-tool blade is ideal for a wide variety of applications and general-purpose cutting, including screws and nails.

  • 63mm Titanium Alloy Bi-Metal Blade.
  • Suitable for wood, nails, screws, non-ferrous metal , plastic and more.
  • Titanium alloy coating reduces heat build up and extends blade life.
  • Includes a single blade.
  • Universal Open-back (not Starlock)
Packet size Product Code
1 Piece P63TN1
3 Piece P63TN3
10 Piece P63TN10
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An excellent Titanium Series multi-tool blade for long, wide cuts. An ideal size for cutting out socket boxes or trimming off the bottom of skirting boards. Extended 51mm blade length for full depth cuts in 2″” timber. Universal Bi-metal: Cuts wood, nails, screws, non-ferrous metal and plastic.

Titanium Series blades have been engineered to last longer than any other bi-metal blade when cutting through nails, copper pipes and even screws! The titanium coating reduces heat build-up to significantly extend blade life and ensure consistent high-performance.

Accessories Includes


Blade Width (mm)


Blade Width (Inches)

2 1/2"

Cutting Depth (mm)


Blade Depth (Inches)


Fitment Type

Universal Open-back (not Starlock)

Packet Size

1 Piece, 10 Piece, 3 Piece

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