Universal 4 Piece Blade Set

SMART Trade Series 4 Piece Blade Set
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A great value four-piece Trade Series multi-tool blade assortment suitable for wood, hardwood, plastic, drywall, non-ferrous metal and nails.

  • Includes two Japanese tooth blades, a fine tooth and bi-metal blade.
  • Suitable for wood, hardwood, plastic, drywall, non-ferrous metal, nails and more.
  • Good value convenient assortment kit.
  • Includes 4 blades.
  • Universal Open-back (not Starlock)
Packet size Product Code
4 Piece H4MAK
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A great Trade Series assortment of the four most commonly used multi-tool cutting blades, perfect for most everyday multi-tool applications. Suitable for a wide range of cutting applications including wood, hardwood, plastic, drywall, non-ferrous metal and nails.

The Trade Series contains a huge range of high-quality multi-tool blades and accessories designed to equip trade users with an accessory for any and all requirements. Extend the capability of your multi-tool with the wide range of cutting, scraping, sanding and grinding accessories in the Trade Series.

Accessories Includes

1xH32CJ1, 1xH63CJ1, 1xH32FT1, 1xH32BM1

Blade Width (mm)

32mm, 63mm

Blade Width (Inches)

1 1/4", 2 1/2"

Cutting Depth (mm)

51mm, 52mm

Blade Depth (Inches)


Fitment Type

Universal Open-back (not Starlock)

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