Universal 65mm Precision Bi-metal Blade

SMART Professional Series 65mm Precision Bi-metal Blade
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The 65mm Professional Series bi-metal ‘SURECUT – PRÄZISION’ multi-tool blade is ideal for cuts in wood, nails, non-ferrous metal, plastic and more.

  • 65mm wide precision bi-metal blade.
  • Suitable for wood, nails, non-ferrous metal, plastic and more.
  • Durable and versatile 'SURECUT – PRÄZISION' bi-metal toothing.
  • Includes a single blade.
  • Universal Open-back (not Starlock)
Packet size Product Code
1 Piece 065BMC1

The Professional Series bi-metal multi-tool blade is ideal for a wide variety of precise cuts in wood, nails, non-ferrous metal, plastic and more. With an extended 51mm blade length it is capable of full depth cuts in 2″” timber. A highly versatile blade for many materials and applications, utilising ‘SURECUT – PRÄZISION’ technology with a curved blade for maximim precision and control when plunge cutting.

The Professional Series is a robust and versatile range of high-quality multi-tool blades and accessories designed specifically for the professional user. Maximise the potential of your multi-tool with the wide range of cutting, sanding and grinding accessories in the Professional Series.

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Universal Open-back (not Starlock)

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