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Universal 19mm Extreme Long-Life Bi-metal Blade

SMART Titanium Series 10mm Extreme Long-Life Bi-metal Blade
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The 19mm Titanium Series multi-tool blade is perfect for small recesses and detailed plunge cuts.

  • 19mm Titanium Alloy Bi-Metal Blade.
  • Suitable for wood, nails, screws, non-ferrous metal , plastic and more.
  • Titanium alloy coating reduces heat build up and extends blade life.
  • Includes a single blade.
  • Universal Open-back (not Starlock)
  • Narrow blade for detailed cuts.
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1 Piece P19TN1
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A Titanium Series multi-tool blade that is great for cutting out small recesses, and other detailed plunge cuts. Universal Bi-metal: Cuts wood, nails, screws, non-ferrous metal, plastic and more

Titanium Series blades have been engineered to last longer than any other bi-metal blade when cutting through nails, copper pipes and even screws! The titanium coating reduces heat build-up to significantly extend blade life and ensure consistent high-performance.

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Blade Width (mm)


Blade Width (Inches)


Cutting Depth (mm)


Blade Depth (Inches)

1 1/2"

Fitment Type

Universal Open-back (not Starlock)

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