Intricate plunge cuts with a multi-tool

Posted 28 Feb 2022

When you need to cut a shape in the centre of wood, a plunge cut is generally your only choice. Plunge cuts can be tricky to master, and they can sometimes require multiple tools to achieve the final cut. So, when you’re faced with a situation where small intricate plunge cuts are required, things can go bad very quickly. For this reason, SMART have developed the 10mm Extreme Long-Life Bi-Metal blade that’ll turn you into a plunge cutting expert.

What is the 10mm Bi-Metal blade? 

Part of the award-winning Purple Series SMART blades, the 10mm Bi-Metal blade is a multi-tool accessory that’s designed to give you accurate and precise intricate plunge cuts. The tooth design allows for exceptional cuts through timber, but it’s just as effective at cutting through copper pipes and screws if required.


When are intricate plunge cuts required?

There are a few occasions where you may be faced with an intricate plunge cut scenario. For example, when installing door latches or making very small access holes.

When installing door latches you would generally use a hammer and chisel to remove the excess material. Although this is an effective method, it can be challenging to create a clean, accurate edge without tearing the wood, or fear of the chisel following the grain of wood off course. Whilst you will still need to remove the excess wood with a hammer and chisel, the SMART Bi-Metal blades ability to plunge cut allows you to get the perfect finish without the risk of damaging the surrounding areas.

Similarly, the SMART Bi-Metal blade is also useful when needing to make a very small access hole for a wire. The ability to plunge cut to such a narrow width provides you with complete control and accuracy in the smallest of cuts.

How to use the SMART 10mm Bi-Metal blade for intricate plunge cuts

1. Measure and mark

Make the required measurements and mark with a pencil to give you some guidance when cutting.

2. Take the plunge

When you’re ready to use your multi-tool, attach the SMART Bi-Metal blade and begin cutting your mark by applying light pressure throughout.

Top tip: When using this blade to cut out timber for window and door hardware, use at a medium speed setting for maximum results.

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