How to cut a notch in wood with a multi-tool

Posted 4 Mar 2022

Cutting notches in wood is considered to be an essential skill every woodworker should know. Whether you’re notching for decoration or to create a joint between two pieces of wood, it can seriously take a project from simple to professional. However, cutting notches can be difficult to master for beginners. But struggle no more as SMART have developed the 19mm Purple Series Bi-Metal SMART Blade that’s perfect for cutting notches in wood easily.

What is the 19mm Purple Series Bi-Metal Blade?

Part of the award-winning range, this blade is a multi-tool accessory that’s designed for fast, detailed cuts. The tooth design allows for clean, exceptional cuts through timber. But it’s just as effective at cutting through plastic, nails and screws if required.


What if I need to cut an intricate notch?

Circular saws are one of the common tools to cutting notches, but they’re more suited for larger notches. But when you’re faced with an intricate notch, a circular saw will be rather awkward to use. Then your only choice is using a hammer and chisel and we all know how long this takes! Not to mention the lack of control it offers. However, the 19mm Bi-Metal blade offers fast, clean cuts that’s perfect for complex scenarios thanks to its small, but powerful tooth design. Finish it off with a hammer and chisel and you’ll achieve the perfectly squared notch in half the time.

How to cut an intricate notch

1. Measure and mark

The most important step to achieving a perfect notch is to measure for your notch and mark on the wood.

2. Cut the notch

When you’re happy with your measurements, attach the 19mm Bi-Metal blade to your multi-tool and begin cutting the top half of the notch.

3. Clean up

Finish off the notch with a hammer and chisel to remove the rest of the wood. You may need to polish it off with sandpaper at the end. Once you’re happy with the notch repeat the process on the next piece of wood.

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