How to cut artificial grass with a multi-tool

Posted 10 Mar 2022

When you have got a roll of artificial grass for a job that needs to be cut into a few different pieces, it’s often tricky to get your pieces cut on site. Poor cuts often result in incorrect measurements or a bad fit. So, having a good-quality cutting tool is essential to achieving a professional finish.

For this reason, we wanted to share a unique use of the multi-tool that fitters have found to be one the best for cutting artificial grass without the common problems.

What are the common problems?

Utility knives are a very common tool when it comes to cutting artificial grass. Although they’re generally effective, it requires some patience and a steady hand. Particularly around curves and angles to avoid gaps when you have finished cutting.

Quite often as well, the blade can get caught in the grooves and when this happens things can go wrong very quickly! Plus, the tough latex backing of artificial grass can quickly blunt the blades. Therefore, buying good quality blades and having plenty of spares are essential.

However, fitters have found using the Rigid Scraper blade offers fast and effective cuts in artificial grass without the hassle.

What is the Wide Scraper Blade?

The Wide Scraper Blade is an effective tool for removing vinyl, adhesive, paint, silicone, and other soft compounds. With cutting artificial grass being just one of the uses, this blade offers fast, clean and controlled cuts in artificial grass and best of all, it’s damage free! So, you can go about your cutting with the confidence that this blade will not get caught between grooves and cause cuts in unwanted places.


How to cut artificial grass

1. Attach the blade

 When you are ready to start cutting, attach the Rigid Scraper Blade to your multi-tool.

2. Remove excess waste

Where you have excess waste running into a perimeter wall, fold over the artificial grass and cut the bulk of the waste away. Using the wall or perimeter to guide you, cut the grass into the perimeter and remove the waste.

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