How to clean back tile adhesive with a multi-tool

Posted 11 Mar 2022

Whether you’re replacing a broken tile or retiling a whole wall, removing old adhesive is an essential part of retiling. The type of adhesive and the material of the wall can all determine how much effort you need to put in. Some types can come off quite easily, while others may require more elbow grease. Fortunately, SMART have developed the Carbide Rasp which is ideal for removing those tougher areas of adhesive.

What is the Carbide Rasp?

The Carbide Rasp is a multi-tool accessory that’s designed for aggressive removal of adhesive, mortar and paint. Offering fast and effective adhesive removal, this tool allows work cleanly and safely. Plus, the triangular shape of the blade allows you to work right into the corners to help you clean the adhesive right back to the substrate. 


Tools to remove adhesive

When cleaning up old adhesive you would generally use a standard scraper tool. However, as this is usually quite tricky and labour-intensive to do by hand, a common trick tradespeople use is to steam the old adhesive before scraping. Particularly when you need to remove a large area of adhesive. By steaming beforehand you’re essentially melting the adhesive to make scraping by hand a lot easier.

Although scraper tools are suitable, they are much more time consuming compared to the Carbide Rasp. The Carbide Rasp will allow you to achieve impeccable results quicker than any other tool.

How to remove adhesive with a multi-tool

1. Remove the tile 

If required, remove the tile you are replacing by using a hammer and chisel to carefully chip out the tile. Before removing the tile, you may find it easier to first remove the grout from around the edges. We recommend using the Carbide Segment blade for fast and effective grout removal. Learn more about grout removal.

2. Attach the blade to your multi-tool

Once you are ready to remove the adhesive, attach the Carbide Rasp to your multi-tool.

3. Remove the adhesive

Apply light pressure throughout to clean off the old adhesive. Before re-tiling, ensure you brush away the dust to create a clean surface.

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