How to cut a shower valve into breeze block

Posted 28 Mar 2022

When you need to cut a shower valve into breeze blocks, the last thing you want to do is weaken the block. Particularly when you need to go quite deep. For this reason, SMART have developed the 32mm Carbide Tipped blade that effortlessly plunge cuts into breeze block, ideal for these scenarios.

What is the 32mm Carbide Tipped blade?

This tool is a multi-tool accessory that’s designed to cut a range of materials, including grout, plaster, porous concrete and other similar materials. With the ability to cut 42mm deep, this blade is ideal to quickly chase out into breeze blocks. And best of all, this blade doesn’t require a hammer and bolster as the blade will effectively form a flat surface with minimal dust.


How do I use the SMART blade to cut a shower valve?

1. Set out and mark the centre line

Determine the centre and use a spirit level to run the centre line all the way up the wall. If you are going to be fitting shower screens, it’s ideal to mark where you are going to fix them to prevent screws going through any pipes that you put in the wall. A line around 50mm in from where you are going to be fixing your shower screen is best.

2. Determine the position of the shower valve

Once you have got the valve in the position you want it to be in, mark all around the valve and the irons as well. Be sure to leave plenty of room around the valve to allow you to tighten the nuts later on with an adjustable spanner.

3. Chase the wall

When you have completed the required markings, attach the 32mm Tungsten Carbide Tipped blade to your multi-tool and begin chasing out.

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