How to cut PVC pipes with a multi-tool

Posted 28 Mar 2022

When working on projects that involve PVC pipe will often require the pipe to be cut. One of the beneficial things about PVC is that it’s relatively simple and easy to cut. While there is an assortment of tools available that can cut PVC, we wanted to share a new tool that some tradespeople may not be aware can cut PVC too. Introducing the SMART 63mm Japanese Tooth blade.

What is the Japanese Tooth blade?

The Japanese Tooth blade is designed to cut a range of materials, including wood, timber overlay flooring and plastic. With cutting PVC pipe being just one of the uses, this blade offers fast, clean and effective cuts. Featuring a 63mm blade, the Japanese Tooth blade offers universal cutting up to 42mm deep.


Tools to cut PVC Pipe

If you don’t own a multi-tool, there are a range of other tools available. It comes as no surprise that a plastic pipe cutter is one of the most popular due to their cheap price. While this does effectively cut PVC pipe cleanly, they’re not as versatile of in comparison to the Japanese Tooth blade.

Another alternative is to use an electric miter saw which is ideal for when you need to cut large quantities to PVC pipe. However, electric miter saws are expensive if you don’t already have access to one.

Nevertheless, the Japanese Tooth blade is an affordable blade for all multi-tool users. Its versatility makes this a must have blade for your tool bag as it’s an easy solution for a wide range of jobs.

How to cut PVC pipe with the Japanese Tooth blade

1. Measure and mark

Using a tape measure and a marking tool, mark the point at which you want to cut the PVC pipe.

2. Attach the blade

Attach the SMART Japanese Tooth blade to your multi-tool. Be sure the PVC pipe is securely clamped down to a solid surface before beginning the cut.

3. Make your cut

With the PVC pipe clamped down, begin to cut the material.

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