Sanding and preparing teak garden furniture

Posted 24 Nov 2022

Teak wood is a great choice of material for outdoor furniture. Not only does it provide a dense, durable backbone for outdoor furniture but it is also heat resistant making it great for the outdoors. Those who love their gardens will know the importance of maintaining their garden furniture. A drawback of teak furniture is that it can be one of the more expensive options on the market. That means it needs to be kept in good condition. Cleaning back and oiling teak furniture is a great way of maintaining its longevity.

However, before this can be done, the wood surface will need sanding to allow the oils to soak in thoroughly. But, when prepping teak furniture, one’s choice of tool is vitally important to avoid damaging the wood. The SMART Trade Series Circular Sanding Kit is a great option as it can sand evenly across large surfaces. Plus, it includes high-grit sanding sheets which can achieve a great finish with a reduced chance of over-sanding.

What is the SMART Trade Series Circular Sanding Kit?

The SMART Trade Series Circular Sanding Kit is a sixteen-piece accessory kit for multi-tools that includes four types of 115mm sanding pads and a backing pad. The kit comes with four 60, 80, 120, and 180-grit sanding sheets and is therefore suitable for a variety of surfaces and jobs. The pads have a hook and loop backing. The accessory also supports dust extraction.
The SMART Trade Series Circular Sanding Kit is equipped with a universal open-back fitment on the backing pad. A 50-piece pack of mixed grit sanding pads is also available for purchase compatible with the 115mm backing pad. The pack includes 10 each of the 40, 60, 80, 120, and 240-grit circular sanding sheets.

How to sand teak furniture using the Circular sanding kit.

IMPORTANT: Always wear the appropriate PPE when sanding or operating a multi-tool

1. Attach the backing pad to the multi-tool.

2. Select the appropriate sanding sheet for the job.

The lower the grit number the more coarse the sanding sheet. For a job such as this, a high-grit sanding pad will result in a smooth finish.

3. Smoothly glide the multitool over the furniture.

4. Clean away any dust created.

Once the dust has been brushed away, you should have a nice smooth surface ready for oiling.

Additional Tip: The attachment is compatible with dust extractors. Before sanding has begun, combine the SMART Trade Series 31 Piece Complete Sanding Kit with an extractor if you have one.

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